Where do I start?

Have you started this year with as much clutter or more than last year? I always approach Christmas thinking I must  have a quick clear out before the kids fill their rooms with more ‘stuff’ but invariable Christmas comes and Christmas goes and ‘stuff’ is added to the clutter.

Early on in this year I became so inspired with de-cluttering and organising! It actually began with a dear friend asking me to help her ‘get on top of things’ in her house and bring some order to disorder. It’s a common story – days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years – and before you know it, things seem overwhelming. In situations like this, you just need someone to come alongside you and bring some kind of direction and moral support. Two is better than one. Like anything, tackling things together can make something which feels impossible on your own suddenly possible.

These feelings can come in a greater or lesser degree. Sometimes we look at a cupboard in the kitchen that hasn’t been organised for years (which I did recently) and you just don’t want to tackle it so you close the door and promise to tackle it at a more convenient time. In truth, this is always how it starts and we’re all familiar with this.

The feeling however of accomplishing a clear out far outweighs this procrastination and we’re going to journey together through this mission! Think about those area’s of your home that just drive you crazy because they are either disorganised or full of clutter (surely you have a tupperware / plastics cupboard?!). All I’m asking you to do is think about it at this stage. Do you even know what’s there? When was the last time you sorted through it? Maybe it’s an office, a play room, a wardrobe, under-stairs cupboard? Wherever and whatever it is just be mindful of it and make a commitment that you’re going to start somewhere and that’s where you’re going to start.

At My Living Space we’re going to share with you hints, tips and testimonies to help you free up your space and organise your world. All aboard! The journey begins……

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2 thoughts on “Where do I start?

  1. Emily says:

    I can totally identify with your point about procrastination. I recently learnt about a technique called the Pomodoro. Effectively it says rather than focus on the task, set yourself a timer, say for 20 mins and just start. At the end of the timer, stop, even if the task is not fully complete. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in that time, and most importantly you’ve made a start rather than put it off for another day.
    Keen to hear if this works for you and others.


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