“I Want To See My Jars!”

Vision is everything. We all need vision. Without it we don’t know where we’re going. Quite often we don’t even realise that it’s a vision that is motivating us forward but if you stop and think about it, you will realise that without vision there would be no motivation.

  • You have a vision of that holiday you desperately need – that motivates you to save.
  • You have a vision for healthy kids – that motivates you to cook wholesome food.
  • You have a vision for a healthier you – that motivates you to eat healthy and train your body.

I’ve worked with a client recently and one of her motivations for de-cluttering and organising her kitchen, was her vision to have her beautiful storage jars on show on the work surfaces. A keen cook and baker she loved to store her ingredients in glass jars – ‘I love looking at my jars. I want to see my jars!’

Six hours later over two sessions her vision was a reality – clear surfaces and stunning jars. It was so rewarding to see her sense of well-being from this achievement.

It’s of no relevance how small your vision might seem to others. If it motivates you, that’s all that matters. These are the things that can propel us into change.

What’s your vision?

Start looking at the spaces in your house and dream about what you want that space to look like and how you want it to function. What’s your vision? Is it to be able to actually see all the cook books that you own so that you can easily select a recipe? Maybe you want to create a gallery on your lounge wall but you don’t know where to start with your random photo collection. Find a vision and let that vision motivate you into action.

The Power of Two

The ‘power of two’ is so helpful when it comes to seeing vision turn into a reality. It’s often challenging to get started on your own. Sometimes all people need is a little inspiration and motivation to get started.

As well as actually going into homes and working with people on de-cluttering and organising sessions, I also offer over the phone mentor sessions. This is an opportunity for you to just talk through the project, the challenges and what you want to see change. That may be all that’s needed. If you decide after our conversation that you would benefit from a session together we can book it in for a time that works for you.

Whatever you decide, just start dreaming! That’s where every change starts.


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