The Power of Two

We’re not designed to do life completely alone. We all instinctively know this to be true. Through life we’ve all experienced times when sharing a problem with someone has brought relief, walking into a room of people with a friend has increased confidence or tackling a task with someone has been more efficient.

De-cluttering and organising your home is so much easier with ‘the power of two’. Quite often all people need is someone to present a different perspective, bring some kind of order into chaos and actually bring some hope and inspiration to an overwhelming project. Clutter attracts clutter and can build up over time, having the potential to effect our sense of well-being and self-esteem.

Having someone to help you to de-clutter and organise your home is so much easier than tackling it on your own. Some people are more organised than others but often a build up of clutter comes as a result of a life change eg; a birth, a death, a divorce, moving home etc.

If it has gotten so bad that it feels totally overwhelming it may be that you would just benefit from some friendly support and guidance. If you’ve just experienced a life changing event, one other person could help you to get started. Think about the power that one other person could bring to the situation. You may choose a close friend or a family member. However, quite often people feel that tackling the problem with someone less close is the answer. The important thing is that you choose somebody you feel you can trust that supports your vision.

In order to see something different, you need to do something different.

If you think you may benefit from a friendly chat over the phone, I’m available to talk through your situation and assess how I can help. If you want to take it a step further I can carry out an initial assessment of your home and together we can decide if working together is the step you need to take for change.

It is completely within your reach to live in a clutter free home that is organised in a way that makes sense to you and enhances your day-to-day life. It’s one step closer to an increased sense of well-being and freedom.

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