‘The Man Drawer’



The man drawer is also known as the ‘junk drawer’ in our house. I’m sure you also have at least one in your home?!

Now believe it or not, this is a 10-15 minute job you can tackle in your home (depending on the size and quantity of your drawers!). After years of groaning and being frustrated every time I opened this drawer (which was normally to find my phone charger that ‘rests’ on top of all the junk)  I decided to tackle it and time myself too.

Now I’m not saying it looks amazing now I’ve tackled it (there’s only so much you can do with a junk drawer) BUT I have de-cluttered and organised it so that I can now find useful things like the radiator bleeder (!) and handy household gadgets. The more important thing is that I felt such a great sense of satisfaction knowing I’d tackled a job I’ve been putting off and that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Plus we can actually find things now!

This morning I came downstairs and my daughter had the mini screwdrivers out trying to fix her toy and change the batteries. How exciting! Firstly she found what she was looking for (screwdrivers and batteries) and she was motivated to tackle a job herself.

I’m currently on the look out for the perfect  man / junk drawer organiser. I’ve just used a cutlery organiser here with different sized plastic box’s but I just know the perfect thing is out there! If you’ve found anything that works a treat, post a pic in the comments section under this article.

Finally, this is just one job in your home that takes far less time than you think. Why be frustrated every time you look at an area of your home? Tackle those annoying jobs you always put off because practising regular habits of de-cluttering will make you much more motivated to tackle the bigger jobs.

P.S the batteries my daughter found were actually dead. But hey, we’re all a work in progress. ***Note to self – buy new batteries.***




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