De-cluttering – Like Peeling An onion

So I know peeling an onion is not necessarily the first thing you think of when you think about de-cluttering your home but just go with me on this!

Layers…lots of them. When you start the process and lifestyle of clutter free living, you will work through layers. It’s not a one off event. You will often find that you start the process and may repeat it several times before you really get to a place of feeling like you only have around you whats of real value.

The first layer is excess. The first layer of an onion is it’s protective layer. It’s not the bit you use in cooking and it’s the easiest to remove. The first layer of de-cluttering is very similar. It’s just general mess and clutter that we just know needs to go. It’s not adding any flavour to your life, it’s simply hiding the other layers. In most cases it’s fairly easy to part with the excess. It’s only when you get rid of it that you can clearly evaluate whats underneath.

Often the next layer of an onion is not so much the excess – you can use it in your cooking but generally we tend to peel away one or two layers of it before we start cutting it up. This is fairly painless – your eyes aren’t watering quite yet but you are starting to cut into its real value.

When you de-clutter your home you will find that as you cut deeper through your layers of possessions, you start cutting into the heart of what holds real value in your life. Some decisions will be easy, some will be hard. Similar to cutting up an onion, there may be parts of the process that bring tears to your eyes (looking through photographs for example, or cards from your kids – a biggy for me!) but if you want real flavour and depth in your life it really is worth peeling off the layers and cutting deep.

If you decide to go on this journey don’t be discouraged with setbacks. It really is a lifestyle change. It may very well start simply with de-cluttering your home but you will become so inspired that you will look to de-clutter every part of your life – health, finances, relationships and your overall well-being.

Start small. Just simply start with the layer of excess and the layers underneath will reveal themselves.

If you would like support as you peel your onion please do contact me. It would be a real privilege to walk this journey with you.




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