Detox Your Home

About a year ago a friend introduced me to essential oils. My understanding up to this point was limited. I just thought they smelt nice and were mainly used by massage therapists! I had no idea there were so many health benefits when used consistently. I decided to invest some time researching and eventually purchased some high quality pure and potent oils. I was on a mission to detox my home, improve my overall well-being and even boost my immune system.

I have to say, I have loved my journey. I’ve stopped using perfume – I use oils instead. I’ve stopped using chemically based and toxic cleaning sprays – I use oils instead. I don’t immediately reach for pills and potions when I have a headache or a bout of indigestion – I use oils instead.

As well as these many positives, my children get daily foot rubs at night ( we diffuse soothing blends at the same time) helping to regulate their emotions and improve well-being. It also enhances the time I spend with them as we download from the day and prepare for a good nights sleep. Diffusing oils around my home also helps to detox the air, change my mood and improve my productivity.

One year on from purchasing my first little bottles of oils and I’m hooked. It’s been an investment but essential oils are now intrinsic to our family rituals, self-care and daily routines. We all feel so much better for it!

So what do essential oils have to do with decluttering? Let me share with you how oils have been an integral part of my own decluttering journey.

Declutter Your Emotions.

Our homes should be our sanctuary. Our homes are often our biggest investment and not just financially. We invest our time in making it ‘home’, we invest our energy and love into our family members in the security of ‘home’ and for some, it’s often a work place too so our homes really need to be somewhere that we feel we can thrive in. Using essential oils can only enhance the time that you spend at home.

Whether you diffuse or use topically and aromatically, you can declutter your emotions with the help of oils. Massaging oils onto the soles of your feet or rubbing it up your spine is a great way to achieve maximum results. Did you know that the oils reach your bloodstream within 30 seconds of being rubbed into the soles of your feet? My children used to be really ticklish on their feet but they’ve managed to overcome this since loving the whole ritual of a foot rub at bed time!

Essential oils can also improve your mood through your limbic system in your brain (basically the centre for your emotions). This is where our sense of smell links to our ability to learn emotionally. It is here that aromatic information is connected to the emotions of a situation. This capacity to pair the two, information and emotions, is connected to our survival ability making essential oils a powerful partner in building emotional health. You can literally declutter your emotions with essential oils. Awesome!

Detox & Purify Your Air

Declutter your air! Yes I’m serious. Do you realise that the air in your home can become cluttered by pollution. We often assume that the air outside is more polluted than inside but that’s not actually the case. Indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than outside! The air inside our homes is often full of organic and chemical allergens and pollutants as well as airborne pathogens. What are airborne pathogens? These are disease or illness producing agents such as viruses or bacteria that can’t be seen but are floating around. Diffusing essential oils can kill airborne pathogens. How amazing is that?! It’s not just about making your home smell amazing (which they also do) it’s actually purifying the air and making it a healthier environment for you to thrive in. So you can declutter your air with essential oils! Once again – awesome!

Decluttering Your Home

So why have essential oils been so intrinsic to my decluttering journey?

Well firstly, using oils helps regulate my mood so I can use different oils for my specific needs. So if I need motivating or I need to have a productive morning, there are certain oils I can apply or diffuse to help me perform at my best. If I’ve had a bad nights sleep and I need to get through a busy day of chores or office work, there are oils that can help me stay alert. So, whatever I need to achieve around my home, there are oils that I can turn to.

Secondly, once you start your decluttering your possessions you will start decluttering every single area of your life.  It’s quite amazing to me how much I have let go of in my life by simply beginning with decluttering my possessions. As I have gradually let go of clutter I have also desired to declutter my mind, emotions, relationships and my health. The decluttering journey is essentially about identifying the things that bring you the most joy and value in your life. It’s about letting go of all the things that just don’t bring any value into your life and zap your energy. The whole process can be quite daunting which is why I always say to start small (you can do this by starting with the #30daydeclutter challenge)

Once you begin on this journey you will identify other areas of your life that need investment. For me, essential oils have enhanced my living environment, levelled out my emotions and boosted my immune system. I would say that’s a pretty good declutter!

If you’re interested in experiencing similar benefits from essential oils you can find out more about the oils I use on the Doterra website.

If you are interested in a 25% saving to purchase some oils please contact me and I can point you in the right direction!

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