About Me

Michala Professional photoWelcome to My Living Space. I’m Michala and I live in Taunton, Somerset with my husband and three children. I’m going to use this time to give you a quick snapshot of my life and why I started My Living Space.

After many years of working in Marketing and Project Management, I’ve spent the last 12 years raising my young family and building our family surveying business with my husband. In this time our home has been our workplace too, so I developed a love for creating a sanctuary for us all. I love our home to be full of things that reflect the personality of each family member. But over the years I realised that when clutter built up, my head felt messy and when that happened it had a knock on effect to my sense of well-being. I started looking for ways to have a home that reflects ‘us’ but with much less stuff!

Time for change

Some time ago I came alongside a friend who needed support de-cluttering and organising her home. I discovered that I loved the whole concept of living with less and letting go of clutter. The idea of letting go, creating space and making it beautiful was totally inspiring to me. This was the birth of My Living Space.

It’s not about having a show home

I’ve realised that having an organised home is not about creating a show home or a space that just ‘isn’t you’. It’s more to do with working out how we live, what we do in our homes and letting go of possessions and clutter that have no benefit in our lives. I found that as I let go of more and put organisational solutions in place that worked with the ebb and flow of family life, my sense of well-being increased and my mind felt more free and more creative. I also discovered that I thrived in helping others achieve the same thing. The years I have spent raising and nurturing a family, building a family business and juggling a multitude of tasks in any given moment, have cemented within me a unique set of skills to come alongside people and provide support as I take them through a process that I continue to live out in my every day life.

I’m excited at the prospect of continuing to work with a variety of people, at different life stages, with different experiences and goals. I hope that you can find the inspiration you are looking for here at My Living Space and that I can help you in some shape or form to De-clutter & Organise your world.