De-cluttering – Like Peeling An onion

So I know peeling an onion is not necessarily the first thing you think of when you think about de-cluttering your home but just go with me on this! Layers...lots of them. When you start the process and lifestyle of clutter free living, you will work through layers. It's not a one off event. You … Continue reading De-cluttering – Like Peeling An onion

The Power of Two

We're not designed to do life completely alone. We all instinctively know this to be true. Through life we've all experienced times when sharing a problem with someone has brought relief, walking into a room of people with a friend has increased confidence or tackling a task with someone has been more efficient. De-cluttering and … Continue reading The Power of Two

Where do I start?

Have you started the new year with as much clutter or more than last year? I always approach Christmas thinking I must  have a quick clear out before the kids fill their rooms with more 'stuff' but invariable Christmas comes and Christmas goes and 'stuff' is added to the clutter.