Free Consultation

This is where we start. Before we can even move forward I need to have an initial chat with you and discuss your needs, assess the potential of working together and evaluate the best plan. This usually takes about an hour which we can do either over the phone or in person at your home – whatever you feel comfortable with.

Mentor Sessions

These are in one hour slots and can either be conducted over the phone, Face-Time, Skype or in person. These sessions are more to do with mentoring you in the skills you need to get motivated to tackle a project of any size and present organisational and de-cluttering solutions specific to your project. This is about you doing the work and me supporting you through the process and offering solutions where appropriate.

Cost – £35 per hour.

4 Hour Sessions

This is where we tackle your de-cluttering and/or organising project together. We will have discussed your needs in depth through your free consultation and decided together that a session or a number of sessions are the right way forward for you. As we de-clutter and organise I will also work with you on how you can maintain clutter free and organised living after the project has been completed.

Cost – £120

Long Term Projects

I work with clients that have longer term projects where they benefit from weekly support. This is particularly beneficial where clutter and disorganisation has built up over a long period of time and is affecting the quality of the living space and has become overwhelming. In situations like this, regular support is helpful as it encourages a momentum in the project and allows time to build new habits into the way you live.

Cost – Weekly 3 Hour Session £75

Other costs to consider

  • Skip hire – if your project requires this you will need to co-ordinate the delivery of the skip and payment to the provider in time for the project to start.
  • Bespoke storage solutions – if your budget allows I can recommend trades-people to build bespoke furniture for you specific to your requirements. Payment will be made by you direct to the trades-person.
  • Off site – if your require further hours from me such as help purchasing furniture / storage solutions, trips to the charity shop / recycling centre the charge is £20 p/h
  • Mileage – I don’t charge for mileage within a 10 mile radius of TA2. Any additional mileage will be charged at .45p per mile.