Coming to grips with decluttering with the help of Michala has been a real eye-opener and the benefits have been quite amazing.

Throughout the time tat she has supported me, I have felt completely at ease and free to be open in our discussions. She is kind, patient, understanding and always very professional…..but we have had plenty of laughs as well! I cannot recommend her and My Living Space highly enough. I have learnt so much.

Where self-help books have failed miserably in the past, Michala has come through by taking time to get to know me properly before focussing on my own personal needs.

And I was amazed by the knock on benefit that learning how to go about the physical process of clearing ‘things’ would have on my broader ability to think clear;y and my overall feeling of ‘well-being’. I am now much more motivated, my creativeness has emerged and the pride I have in my home again is lovely.

Looking forward now to re-decorating the rooms that we have tackled – thank you MIchala!

Mary – Newly Retired