T’s & C’s

Terms and Conditions

We will agree a goal together before each session, and a time limit too.

I will provide you with suggestions to create good habits that will keep your home clutter free and functioning smoothly.

I will not pressure you to get rid of things. You might ask for advice and I might make suggestions but decisions are yours and you accept responsibility for all or any items disposed of in the de-cluttering process. Items will not be disposed of without your authorisation.

I can either consider your whole home, or a part of it. I am happy to tackle lofts, garages and sheds too.

I want to leave you with a tidy and organised home. I am very happy to help you with any dusting and vacuuming needed as part of our work.

I am happy to help you re-locate items of furniture that I can manage alone or we can manage between us. For heavy pieces of furniture we will need some help. You may wish to have a friendly neighbour or relative to call on for this.

We will identify storage solutions from the space and items you already have. If you need additional items I am happy to make suggestions.

While the end result of de-cluttering is satisfying, the process can be physically and emotionally demanding. We will need regular short breaks e.g. 10 minutes every couple of hours. Or more often if you want to. I will take things at a pace you feel comfortable with.

I am happy to help source any other services that you might need as part of organising your home.

I am insured as a business for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Holder under the Data Protection Act 1998.

I am a member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and I am bound by their code of ethics.

Limits of my work

I am not a valuer, nor do I have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity, nor am I qualified to advise on valuation matters for insurance purposes.

If you  require  such  professional  advice,  I  am happy to make enquiries about appropriate services on your behalf.

When I handle your property I take great care to look after it. Unfortunately, accidents  may  occur. I  shall not  be liable  for losses or damage,  and  rely  on  you  to  carry  insurance  at  all  times  which  adequately compensates  you  for  losses  or damage  caused by me while working for you.

It is not always possible to tell exactly how long it will take to do what you want to. I can give you my best estimate based on other work but each job and each client is unique.

I am very happy to investigate the sourcing of items or services (for example, gardening, removal or handyman services) that may assist in our organising work. I can accept, however, no responsibility for your relationship with such service providers, and it is important that you satisfy yourself that their services and prices are appropriate to your needs.


Both you and I have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances. If  the  cancellation  is  made  within  48  hours  of  the  booked  session, and no  replacement  session  is booked, I may, at  my  discretion, charge  50%  of  the  intended  fee.

If the cancellation is made within 2 hours of the booked session I may, at my discretion, charge 100% of the intended fee.

Confidentiality and  Privacy

My Living Space is a  professional  service. I never divulge  client information to third parties, nor any personal or business details that I  may see in the course of my work (which, when decluttering, is generally unavoidable). The  only  way  in  which  your situation may  be mentioned  to  others  is  in  the  context  of my own Services, and  is depersonalised and  unidentifiable  (e.g.  “a client in Taunton”  “John in Monkton”).  It is helpful to be able to give examples to other clients of how particular situations can be addressed. For example: how long it took to deal with a room of a certain size, the furniture that was used for storage, the solutions we found whilst working together.

Photographs and Testimonial

If you  are in agreement,  I  would like  to  take  “before and after”  photographs  for  use  on  my website,  but  this  will  only  happen with  your express  permission and the images used anonymously.

When our work is complete I will ask you for feedback, and would be grateful for any testimonial that you would be willing to provide.

Payment terms

We have agreed to work together for a specific period of time.

All rates include the 10 minute break every couple of hours or so.

Charges for services are £35 per hour for mentoring sessions either in person or over Skype / Face Time. I will invoice you when you have booked your session. Payment in advance by bank transfer using the bank details on the invoice.

4 hour sessions are £120. I will invoice you when you have booked your session. I require a 50% deposit by bank transfer with the remaining 50% as cash on the day.

Ongoing projects will require payment by cash on the day.

I will not charge for travel time or expenses if you are within a 10 mile radius of my home (TA2 8PX) and I am able to travel by car. Any directly incurred expenses such as train travel or parking costs will be charged at cost.

I am not registered for VAT.